Ah, you wish to know about the gods and goddesses of our fair land? Let me tell you about them!

The people of Idunia worship the gods and godess of the old country, like Odin and Tyr, but also the Sacred Sisters's, the goddesses of the native peoples.


The Moon Sister


The sister of the moon is the youngest of the three sacred sisters, and the most enigmatic. Worshipers of the moon goddess are usually wizards, magicians and soothsayers.

But she is also revered amongst those who make a living in the shadows, thieves, rogues and other persons of questionable morality.

I have been told the moon sister communicates with her worshipers through rays of moonlight, in which a soft whisper can be heard, for those who hear and listen.


The moon sister is a mystery, and I have to say, that she is the goddess that intrigues me the most.




The Sky Sister



The sky sister is the chief goddess. The Life bringer, she is called. She brings the rain and the sunlight, and is kind-hearted and benevolent. But if her anger is incurred, she becomes the goddess of raging winds and whipping rains, of thunder and lightning.


The sky sister is revered by farmers, shepherds, and all that work the land.


She has a special shrine in the province of Aifor, where the female druids hold special celebrations and ceremonies in her honor.




The Sea Sister



The sea sister is a fickle goddess, or so I have heard. Sometimes kind and gentle, but also tempestuous and wild, and vengeful against any who have offended her.


An elusive goddess, it is said, as fathomless as the deepest sea. The people who worship her, fisherman and merchants, try to gain her favor before they sail, offering her incense and precious stones, which they send out unto the sea upon small boats made of parchment.


But all sailors know the temper of the sister of the sea is fickle, and can easily shift and change.




The Lesser Sisters



It is said there are other sacred sisters, lesser deities, revered in the depths of the forests, on isolated islands, in the shadows of mountains.

But I have not yet discovered the name of a single one, or any of their worshipers.