The Provinces


Very well, my friend. Let me enlighten you about the provinces of Idunia!






The Province of Idunia


The most important province of the kingdom is the province of Idunia. It is a beautiful, prosperous province, with green meadows and fertile fields covered with golden cornstalks.


The royal city is a sight to behold. It is always buzzing with activity and houses the famous guild of Royal Adventurers.


In the heart of the city lies the royal palace from which king Valdemar rules the kingdom. Finally, the royal city houses the fortress of the royal army, decorated with shields and flags waving in the wind.



The Province of Aifor


The oldest and first province of the kingdom of Idunia is the provinceof Aifor. It is the province where the forefathers of king Vali went ashore.


The province of Aifor consists largely of pine woods. Aifor is ruled by duke Erland, a closed, absent minded man. A dreamer, it is said, whose thoughts are more with his books than his province.


The daily matters of the province are therefore handled by his wife, the countess Thyra, the most beautiful women of the kingdom, it is said. The countess Thyra is also the leader of a group of female druids, who worship the forest goddess Embla.




The Province of Gelandri


Gelandri is the province of the best warriors of the kingdom. Not anywhere is martial prowess and courage so highly valued as among the people of Gelandri. They worship their ancestors, the Norse warriors who established the kingdom of Idunia, and Tyr, the god of war.


A great wooden statue of Tyr is located in the heart of the province.




The Province of Lysa


The province of Lysa is largely covered with swamps. I have been there only a few times myself, but I always been surprised by the peace and contentment of the people, even though Lysa is the poorest province of the kingdom.


It is said, that the peace and quiet of the people also stems from a certain swamp root, that is consumed in great quantities.


Lysa is ruled by the countess Ruzena. A mysterious woman, beautiful, but cold blooded and opaque, like the water of the swamps. Elusive, it is said, like the mists that cover the swamps of Lysa for a great part of the year.


The countess has a reputation of friendliness and kindness to her subjects, but no one exactly knows what drives her, and some suspect her of more sinister motivations.




The Province of Ravendal


The province of Ravendal is largely abandoned, laid to waste in the great war of king Valdemar against the Wizard, and the mountain barons who had chosen his side.


Ravendal consists of mountains and valleys. Ruins of castles and burned down villages still recall the war and the price paid by the people. The people still living in Ravendal move around in covered wagons and live off hunting and the crafting of woodwork and silver, in which they are especially talented.


The people of Ravendal refuse to feel themselves bound by the laws of the land, and their loyalty to the king is questionable at best.




The Province of Sandfell


Sandfell is the sister province of the province of Ravendal. To the east, it borders the great desert, and it is the staging point for caravans heading towards the realm of sultan Mehmet the Magnificent.


Sandfell is a rugged province, with high mountains, dark mountain valley's, mysterious forest and icy mountain streams.


Sandfell is ruled by the sons and daughters of the mountain barons who have been killed in the great war against king Valdemar.


Sandfell is viewed with distrust in the other provinces, and many expect that the province of Sandfell will in the future, rise once more in rebellion.